Budget in Mexico

Our history in Mexico

BUDGET, RENT A CAR begins in Mexico in 1967, as a branch of the US Corporation, starting rental car operations in Mexico City and Merida, Yucatán.

During the decade of the 70s, the corporation ceded the brand as a master license to a Mexican Company. Budget belonged to two Mexican companies, until in 1983 it was acquired by its current owner, who is Rente S.A. de C.V.

In 1973 as part of its growth strategy, Budget Mexico starts a program to operate in several cities based on a system of sub-licenses, achieving  to spread across the greater part of the country.

BUDGET was the first car rental company in the market to offer free mileage rate, free day promotions, discount coupons and other benefits to frequent customers. With this philosophy. Budget achieved change the way of renting cars and penetrate the national market, competing with great success.

Nowadays, Rente S.A. de C.V., as a Corporation and Master License, operates within 6 cities in the country and 25 more through its network of sub-licensees. Thereby, Budget covers 29 locations and more than 80 car rental points in the major cities and airports in Mexico.

Philosophy of Budget Mexico


Be the first option for rental cars in Mexico.


Offer the best experience to customers.


Honesty, Service and Customer Care, Respect, Teamwork and Passion.